3. Platz beim Fotowettbewerb der Geographical Association

Heute fände (ohne Corona) die Award Ceremony der GA (Geographical Association) für den Fotowettbewerb „Physical Geography“ in London statt. Aus diesem Anlass gratulieren wir unserer Preisträgerin Aleksandra Flak, Klasse 6ON, sehr herzlich zum 3. Platz in der Kategorie der 14-18jährigen.

3rd prize: Aleksandra Flak, BORG Oberndorf, Salzburg

Title: Temporary beauty
Location: Gozo, Malta

There were a lot of photos entered in the competition and the panel had a difficult time deciding which entries merited prizes, so you should congratulate yourself on being a prize winner. These are the judging panel comments about your photo and enquiry suggestion:

An interesting photo that catches the arch from an unusual angle which emphasises the thin lintel against the solid cliff and pillar, looming over the boiling sea below and standing proud against the blue sky. Two barely noticeable people standing dangerously at its edge provide scale. Some thought is given to the construction of the description. The general account of the development of a coastal arch partially explains but needed stronger application to this arch to be fully convincing about its particular rectangular-shaped form, highlighting role of the joints (referred to here as tension cracks) in the process – they show as the vertical streaks on the cliff faces. The conclusion of ‘heaviness’ determining the final demise of the arch leaves a puzzle over how a battering storm caused its collapse.  Nevertheless the ‘personal witness’ account leads to a realization that physical geography doesn’t just happen in textbooks but is to be experienced. It urges that the wonder of physical geography is real and should be discovered. As such this photo and description merits award of a well-deserved third place winner. (GA, 2020)

Hier werden alle Gewinner präsentiert – Aleksandras Beitrag befindet ganz unten auf der Seite